Over the past 5 months, we have all felt the effects of the challenges COVID has presented. It has forced many of us to change the way we go about our everyday lives. In the midst of these changes, we have been given an opportunity to [RE]Think.

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts is the opportunity to [RE]think church and the way we do things around here. Our church is over 135 years old and often it's hard to see beyond our regular "routines". But, just like in our everyday lives, COVID has forced us to do things differently. And this, my friends, is a gift.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be updating this page with different ways for us to [RE]Think church. As we [RE]Think, our hope for you is that you can refocus, reconnect, and regather.

[RE]Think Worship

It’s time to rethink church…worship as a way of life…an attitude of the heart…not just an hour on Sunday. We pray our new Sunday services will give you the corporate opportunity to voice your praises from an overflow of your personal worship throughout the week. This truly is a chance for all of us to refocus our walk with Christ, reconnect in Christ-centered community, and regather to celebrate the love Jesus has for us.

September 13th, we are going to begin gathering together again to celebrate in worship…in person. However, that’s not all. Next week will mark a new day in the life of our church. All generations will be worshiping together in one service, and that worship experience will be streamed virtually to our online community as well. Our current online presence will be a vital part of our church moving forward, expanding our reach in an effort to share the Gospel outside the restrictive walls our building.

[RE]Think Watch Parties

Watch Parties are one way we’re encouraging you to start gathering to worship as the church.

The church isn’t a place, it’s a people on mission together. Gathering together is something that we were made to do. A watch party is you gathering a few other people in your home to fellowship, worship, study God’s word, and do church together.  Right now, we want you to be praying about putting a watch party together. When you are ready, you can visit our webpage for some ideas on how you can get one going. Be thinking now of who you can invite. Maybe someone from your Bible Study, another family in our church, a neighbor, or a coworker. Whoever you invite, watch parties are as simple as sitting down with your people, watching our live stream, and joining us in worship.

This is an opportunity to be together with other people. To worship. To take communion. To gather. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

[RE]Think Bible Study

Have you been part of a Bible study/small group since march? Maybe you've been coming for a while but for whatever reason, never tried a class? Maybe you were connected to one pre-COVID, but you weren't able to get online and now you feel disconnected and not sure how to jump back in? Or perhaps you are brand new to our church in these months and you haven't really known how/where to find a class? No matter your situation--it's time for YOU to get plugged into a small group. When a pandemic hits and we can't meet in the big room or have large gatherings, small groups are where we continue to learn, grow, and serve. Bible study classes are the church. We don't "go" to church, we "are" the church.