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GriefShare provides a safe, loving environment staffed by compassionate leaders who have sustained similar losses. The semester is 14 weeks and each session is two hours in length. GriefShare is offered in the fall and spring.

All sessions provide practical help, support, guidance, and encouragement. GriefShare provides large and small group support with practical video sessions.

ALL GRIEF SUPPORT MINISTRIES are open to church members and the community. There is no fee to attend. The participants only pay for their workbooks.

GriefShare General Fall 23 No Date


Practical help for any adult grieving the death of a loved one or friend.

Begins: August 5, 2024 (Monday)
Ends: April 22, 2024
Time: 5:45pm to 8pm
Cost: $20 (Scholarships available)

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14-session semester 


LOSS OF A Spouse

Practical help for an adult grieving the loss of their spouse.

Date: July 20, 2024 (Saturday)
Time: 9:15am to 11:30am
Cost: $5 for handbook

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Ministry Support

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Special Grief Support Events

LOSS OF A SPOUSE - Offered twice a year. Includes practical helps through large and small groups, video, a handbook. The session lasts two hours.

SURVIVING THE HOLIDAYS -Offered one time a year before Thanksgiving. Includes very practical helps through large and small groups, video, a special Survival Guide handbook. The session lasts two hours.

MInistry Directors

Jan Lightfoot

GriefShare Coordinator



“Grief Share saved my life!! It was a God send after my John died. I was so hungry for the word and for comfort. God has held my hand every step of the way through my grief. I now have a group of widows to have dinner with monthly. The ladies and I can call each other to talk and to help each other. We do know how each other feels. I recommend Grief Share.”

“It helped me work through a lot of my grief—some that was stuffed deep down for many years.”

“I feel like myself again. I’ve experienced less depression and my thoughts are much less “foggy.” I have more energy and am interested in the things & people around me.”

“Provided a safe environment of like-minded persons to share with.”

“Helped me to understand grief from more than one perspective.”

“I think a big part of grief recovery is getting to share with others. “

“Made me know that I can move forward. Not forget, but love your memories.”

“It gave me my joy back.”

“Very comforting to be with other people who understand this experience. I feel better prepared to deal with my feelings.”

“It was a safe place to address & deal with my grief each week. The volunteers went above and beyond to make us feel welcomed, cared for, not alone.”

“I thought I had resolved certain feelings and when in reality I hadn’t. GriefShare made me realize its OK to feel certain hidden emotions.”

“Allowed me to grieve all my losses.”

“You always feel free to share because you feel comfortable with the other members.”

“My life has changed in the past year beyond belief. I was taught to read more scriptures and exercise my faith and trust in God. My personal relationship with the Lord has strengthened!”

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