Watch Parties

Watch Parties are one way we’re encouraging you to start gathering to worship as the church.

The church isn’t a place, it’s a people on mission together. Gathering together is something that we were made to do. A watch party is you gathering a few other people in your home to fellowship, worship, study God’s word, and do church together.  Right now, we want you to be praying about putting a watch party together. When you are ready, you can visit our webpage for some ideas on how you can get one going. Be thinking now of who you can invite. Maybe someone from your Bible Study, another family in our church, a neighbor, or a coworker. Whoever you invite, watch parties are as simple as sitting down with your people, watching our live stream, and joining us in worship.

This is an opportunity to be together with other people. To worship. To take communion. To gather. It doesn’t have to be complicated.


How to host a watch party

  • Prepare

    Pray about opening your home to host a watch party. Pray about who you can invite. 

  • Invite

    Invite someone over to watch our livestream with on Sunday morning, at 10am. What if Sunday morning isn't a good time? That's one of the great things about technology, you can view our livestream anytime, anywhere, after its initial broadcast. Watch it later in the day on Sunday or even sometime during the week. 

  • Gather & Worship

    Tune in and worship Jesus together. Here are the various ways you can watch our livestream... 

    1. YouTube -
    2. Facebook -
    3. Website -
    4. Church Online -

    Do you have kids watching with you? Before the livestream begins our Kids At First ministry hosts a Bible story every week at 9:15am. You can watch it on their YouTube page every Sunday!

    Kids At First YouTube Page

  • Get Creative

    Make this time your own! Provide coffee & donuts, spend time in fellowship before the service, or grab lunch after. Do you have kids joining you? Bring up the Kids At First Weekly Bible Story and watch it together before the service starts. When the service starts, have them watch it with you. Just in case, you can have a couple of Bible coloring sheets on hand if they get restless. 

  • Share

    Post a photo of your group on social media with #fbclwatchparty and share your experience to help encourage others to start hosting their own watch party!