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First Baptist Lewisville’s Bible Study ministry has a lot less to do with “Sunday”, and it certainly isn’t “School.” So, we’ve created a ministry where the name defines and emphasizes what it does—Bible Study! We believe a small group Bible Study is the very core of a believer’s growth as a Christian. Here’s what you’ll find in Bible Study:

- Bible teaching
- Community
- Encouragement
- An opportunity to grow spiritually

Median Adult

A co-ed class, single or married, doing life together and studying God's Word.

Director: Michelle Curran 
Ruben Cantu
Time: 11:15am 
Location: Room 106

A small group of adults, mostly married, that journeys together studying and seeking to learn biblical principles for everyday application.

Director/Teacher: Brian Maloney
Time: 8:30am 
Location: Room 105

The essentials of our class are truth, authenticity, and humility. We're committed to being real, being known, and seeking the truth of the Bible as it is relevant to our lives today. Join us on the journey.

Directors: Dan & Bronwen Zilmer
Teachers: Chris Penner/Kevin and Chaille Laws
Time: 11:15am 
Location: Room 103

No matter where you are in your walk with Jesus, we welcome you to join this multi-generational class of middle-aged adults along with their grown children, parents, single adults, and senior adults, all learning and growing together. We minister to one another through Bible study, prayer and praises, luncheons and fellowship, and sharing the steps of faith in a friendly setting.

Directors: Brett and Cari Waldick
Teacher: Garry Smith/Scott Harris
Time: 11:15am 
Location: Room 106

Most of the attendees are married and have late elementary to high school children. 

Director: Dave Glazner 
Teacher: Ray Sheehan/Shirley Haugen
Time: 11:15am 
Location: 140

Most class participants are married and have children from grade school and up through college. This class Bible Study includes application to life's many challenges and opportunities. You will find within the lessons a common theme of understanding and accepting God's love and grace. 

Director: Terry and MaraLee Green
Teachers: Scott McGinnis, Trent Armstrong, and Michael Tumeo
Time: 11:15am 
Location: Room 241

This medium-sized class is mostly married adults with children of all ages who explore the Bible and its life applications. 

Director: Anne-Marie Reese
Stephen Miles
Time: 11:15am 
Location: Room 240

This class consists of women of all ages who openly explore the Bible and its life applications through study, fellowship and prayer. 

Director: Elaine Calkins
Carolyn Collinsworth
Location: Room 143

This class is open to women of all ages. Most of the women are still working, some are married and some are single. This is a medium-sized group that studies the Bible and discusses life applications for women

Director: Sherry Horton
Kathy McManis
Time: 11:15am 
Location: Room 107

This class is a co-ed group with single adults and married couples with adult children. 

Directors: Tim/Lisa Weaver &
                Stan/Margaret Luse
Teacher: Jernigans/Ileys/McClellands on rotation
Time: 11:15am 
Location: Fellowship Center Overflow

Young Adult

This class is for young adults that are married or single or college-age.

Directors: Ben & Liz Lobaugh
Teacher: Rian Johnson
Time: 11:15am 
Location: Room 212

Most are married and have children. We call our department "Roots" because we are growing in depth in our relationship with God and putting down "Roots" here in our church as we seek to serve as well as participate.

Directors: Caleb and Aimee Roiser
Teachers: Alison Peterman
Time: 11:15am 
Location: Room 210

This medium-sized department is for young married adults. They focus on Scriptural teaching that helps young couples as they manage the early years of careers and begin or have families.

Director:  Alicia Miller / Krystal Morse
Teacher: Zach Glenn
Time: 11:15am 
Location: Room 211

This department is also for adults in their upper 20s through upper 30s, most are married with preschool- to middle school-aged children.

Director: Sarah Sherman
Teacher: Mikel Porter
Time: 11:15am 
Location: Room 213

This class is a blend of people, with different backgrounds and perspectives, all here for one purpose, to know and grow in Christ.

Directors: Braxton and Katie Bragg
Teacher: Braxton Bragg
Time: 11:15am 
Room: 207

Single Adult

This class is Co-ed Singles, living life Single-never alone who explore the Bible and its life applications through study, fellowship and prayer. 

Director: Julie Cooper
Teacher: Truett King
Time: 11:15am 
Location: Room 242

55+ Adult

This class is a large group of married couples and single adults, some still work outside the home.

Directors: Richard & Sandra Burkett
Teacher: Dave Gary and Betty Reily
Time: 8:30am
Location: Overflow

This Senior adult department is made up of adults with varied marital status. They meet for a co-ed department time, then split for Bible study in men and women groups.

Director: John Fite 
Teachers: Men—Wayne Cotton
                 Women—Kate Fite
Time: 8:30am on Sundays 
Location: Men—103

This class is mostly married adults that work outside the home and transitioning to be empty nesters. This class is always heard making a Joyful Noise in Bible Study and in our various fellowships and service opportunities. The teachers encourage in-depth Bible discussions.

Director: Jim Colbert 
Teachers: Charlie Turner and Mike Beaty
Time: 8:30am 
Location: 142

This large-sized class of mostly married adults that represents those at the beginning of retirement.

Teacher: Mike Tucker
Location: 141
Time:  11:15am 

This class is open to all adults, married and single. We are empty-nesters, grandparents and many are retired. We are a very active group serving each other and our community.

Directors: Charles & Jackie Floyed
Teacher: Rich Mussler
Time: 11:15am 
Location: 208/209

This class is for those who are looking for a place to have in-depth Bible study, make new friends and get connected.

Directors: Jeff & Martha MeGown
Teacher: Tony D’Attomo
Time: 11:15am 
Location: Room 142