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Welcome to VIP! We love all our Volunteers iPreschool!

VIPs provide TLC and simple Bible teaching for our Pre-K and under crowd while their parents attend worship service.

We LOVE our VIPs! As a VIP you are filling one of the most important positions at FBCL! Because of you, hundreds of grown-ups are able to attend a quality worship experience, and our little ones get to experience the love and care of others in their church family. Not to mention that you have the opportunity to pinch playdough, create with crayons, ponder puzzles, build block towers…Preschool is where the action is!!! If you are not already serving as a VIP, contact one of our Preschool Ministry Team and join the fun!

Requirements for VIPs

We ask all parents of children enjoying the benefits of our Preschool Ministry to volunteer on a rotating schedule. Many other adults and students also participate. All volunteers working with preschoolers, children or students must submit to a background check. This simple form is easy to fill out and all information is kept strictly confidential. So what do volunteers do?

Volunteers are punctual. We ask that you be ready to receive children 15 minutes prior to the worship service.

Volunteers share with a friend. Two adults or one adult and a student helper are required in each room for security and safety purposes.

Volunteers are dependable. If you can’t work your assigned Sunday, we ask that you trade weeks with someone else on the schedule.

Volunteers are friendly! They greet each child, and are especially attentive to visitors.

Volunteers are prepared. They read the provided lesson and collect appropriate activities from the well-stocked resource room.

Volunteers are tough! They strictly enforce the Preschool security policy.

Volunteers are flexible. With preschoolers there is never a dull moment. Expect the unexpected and go with the flow!

Security Procedures

An important part of caring for preschoolers is providing an environment that is safe and secure.  All preschool leaders, whether volunteer or paid, permanent or rotating, must submit to a background check. Implementation of the following security procedure is mandatory.

•No one other than preschoolers and their teachers is permitted in the preschool classroom. School aged children of VIPs may accompany them in rooms with the exception of the baby classes.

•Upon arrival each parent must sign in and receive a name tag and a receipt for pick-up.

•At pick up time, EVERY parent will be asked to shoe their receipt. Match the number on the receipt to the one on the child’s nametag.

•If the parent has misplaced the receipt or for some reason did not receive one, always verify that person’s identity with a church staff member.

•NEVER release a child to any unauthorized person or to anyone less than 18 years of age.

Tips for Success as a VIP

•Sit on the floor. Engage preschoolers in conversation as they play. It’s hard to have a conversation with someone towering over you!

•Introduce Bible truth. For example say: “You are working hard on that tower. The Bible says ‘Work with your hands.’”

•Sing a song. Put new words to a familiar tune. “Avery looks at books, Jordan looks at books, we have fun at church today, when we looked at books.”

•Pray short, simple prayers. “Thank you God for flowers. Thank you for Ashley’s nose to smell the flowers.”

•Encourage children to keep the room neat. Blocks in the block area, art on the art table, playdough on the playdough tray…

•Use a soft, calm voice. Some children may have difficulty separating for their parents. Calmly reassure both child and parent, and encourage them to make the separation as quickly as possible.

•Offer positive guidance. Tell a child what you want him to do rather than what not to do. Distract a child from negative behavior with another activity.

•Have FUN! Take full advantage of the opportunity to be childlike!

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