F4 Outreach

This year's First Family Fun Fest is the same on-campus event our community and church family have come to know and love offered with more intentionality. This event is just a small part of the larger, church-wide Art of Neighboring emphasis during the month of October. First Family Fun Fest gives our church family the time and opportunity to engage kids and families from the diverse community around us in a fun, safe environment.

The primary needs for this year’s First Family Fun Fest are trunks and candy for Trunk or Treat. Our ministry has set a 40-trunk goal. Bible Study classes, choirs, and other organizations can sign up HERE to provide a trunk(s), candy, and/or funds to purchase candy. In addition, you can help us invite families by taking a GLOW Inviter Pack available at the First Family Fun Fest booth in the Worship Center Atrium.


This year, we are also expanding First Family Fun Fest into neighborhoods on the night of Halloween with F4 @ Home. Boxes containing First Family games will be loaned to families to set up in their driveway to engage their neighbors as they trick or treat. Games can be checked out at the First Family Fun Fest booth in the Worship Center Atrium.

Halloween Neighboring

A Guide To Loving Your Neighbor On Halloween

Halloween presents a unique opportunity to connect with our neighbors. Our neighbors are out and about, and we have opportunities to meet people who are typically in their homes enjoying the night. Maybe they are walking with their families around your neighborhood, trick-or-treating, or answering the door and handing out candy. Either way, Halloween can be the start of new relationships.

Connecting with people through relationships on Halloween is a big win. We hope that our neighborhoods will come to know the love of God in Jesus Christ as we love them, care for them, and welcome them. As we neighbor well, we build the foundation for gospel conversations to make Jesus known and bring God glory. As you engage with your neighbors, remember that reality—remember why we're here.

We look forward to how God will use you to reach our neighborhoods!

You are sent!

Halloween Neighboring Ideas

  1. F4 In Your Driveway
    Sign out an F4@Home kit, or use your own games to create a fun atmosphere for your neighbors, giving out candy as they participate in the games! Park your car in the driveway, decorate the trunk, and give out candy as we do at F4 on campus.
  2. Set up a block Party
    Set up a block party with snacks and drinks. Walking around the neighborhood with your kids in costumes can be tiring. Help your neighbors refuel with some energizing snacks and drinks. Consider some individually wrapped granola bars, bottled water, or Gatorade.Make it a group effort! Invite others from church to help you reach your neighborhood this year! Combine this with F4@Home. You can take turns manning the games, handing out snacks, and walking around the neighborhood to do some trick-or-treating yourself!
  3. GLOW Inviter Cards
    Giving out glow sticks on Halloween will make your house the brightest stop in the neighborhood! Take it up a notch and pass out glow bracelets and necklaces! Stop by our booth in the Worship Center Atrium and pick up a pack of Glow Inviter Cards!
  4. Reverse Trick-or-Treat
    Pack up goodie bags of candy with a church invitation card inside and deliver them to homes in your neighborhood as you go trick or treating with your family.
  5. Give out the Best candy
    Hellooooooo, KING-size candy bars, anyone?
  6. Fire-Pit with Smores
    You never know what the weather will do in Texas on Halloween night! If it looks like it might be chilly, set up a fire pit and get ready to make some S'mores. There is something about gathering around a fire that helps people feel at home. A fire pit may help bring some warmth to what could be a chilly night!
  7. Outdoor Movie
    Use a projector and have a kid-friendly Halloween movie playing like Charlie Brown's The Great Pumpkin or Monster's Inc. Projecting a movie onto a big white sheet or your garage door could provide a moment for the kids to rest and for you to engage in conversation with their parents.
  8. Halloween Cookies
    Make Halloween-themed homemade cookies or let folks decorate their own by setting up a Halloween Cookie decoration station. Because who doesn't need more sugar to add to their Halloween diet?