March 15, 2021

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Easter is just a few weeks away. Our daily Bible readings, beginning March 15, focus on encounters Jesus had with people. Some were women, some were men, some were religious, and some were non-committal. One thing is clear in every one of the passages you will read—one could never be the same after encountering Jesus.

Some of these stories are familiar. Don’t let that cause you to read them casually. Ask God to give you a fresh understanding of his Word.

And read these passages with your spiritual eyes looking for the miracle of Easter—Jesus is alive!

Written by Troy Freeman
MondayActs 9:1-19
In the book of 1 Timothy, Saul (Paul) calls himself the “worst sinner of all.” After years of persecuting Christians, a divine encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus brought about a seemingly impossible transformation in his heart. Jesus chose to take hold of a misguided man’s heart and use him to change the world.

No one is ever outside God’s reach. He has the ability to change even the darkest heart. After seeing Jesus, Paul went on to write thirteen books of the New Testament and travel on several missionary journeys that resulted in countless people following Jesus. Do you know someone who needs the life-changing experience only God can provide? If so, pray for their salvation today!

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