April 6, 2020

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T H E   L A S T   W E E K   O F   J E S U S’   L I F E

Devotions written by Mikel Porter

Mark 11:12-25

Jesus’ final week began with chaos and upheaval in the Temple. The Temple was the largest, most important building in Jewish life. It was historic and the center of society. Notice the Temple visit is sandwiched between the cursing and the withering of a fig tree.

Jesus prophesied through the story of the fig tree and through his actions in the Temple. The building that had been used to portray favoritism and exclude others would be torn down. Jesus’ death and resurrection would pave the way for all to be invited into the family of God. The center of sacrifice and worship would no longer be a building but would be the very person of Jesus.

October 28, 2020

Wednesday—John 4:15-20
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October 27, 2020

Tuesday—John 4:7-14
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October 26, 2020

Monday—John 4:1-6
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October 25, 2020

Sunday—Genesis 45:1-15
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October 24, 2020

Saturday—Genesis 44:1-34
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October 23, 2020

Friday—Genesis 43:1-34
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October 22, 2020

Thursday—Genesis 41:1-49
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October 21, 2020

Wednesday—Genesis 40:1-23
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October 20, 2020

Tuesday—Genesis 39:1-23
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October 19, 2020

OK, you can put your pen down. :) Over the past months, we have been reading and writing ...
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October 18, 2020

Inside Out, Upside DownThe Sermon on the Mount Sunday – Matthew 7:28-29 7:28 When Jesus had finished these ...
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October 16, 2020

Inside Out, Upside DownThe Sermon on the Mount Friday – Matthew 7:24-25 7:24 “Therefore everyone who hears these ...
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