September 20, 2019

Ecclesiastes 4:12

On a very basic level, God created us for relationship with himself and others. The reasons we don’t experience deep relationships are many. In order to experience the meaning and purpose relationship brings, we must be willing to be vulnerable. Pride, stepping out of our comfort zone, and fear of being hurt can keep us from the authentic relationships we all need.

In addition, deep connections with God and others require intentionality. Isolation, though it is easy and safe, leads only to meaninglessness and lack of purpose. It takes work to carve out time for more than surface conversations, make new friends, schedule family dinners, or make the appointment with the counselor. Have you been intentional about the relationships in your life? Are you willing to be vulnerable with God and others, or is something standing in your way? Take time to pray God will reveal next steps to these life-giving connections.