September 17, 2019

Ecclesiastes 4:4-6

Solomon again turns his eyes outward to look for meaning and purpose. This time, Solomon puts achievement to the test. Ultimately, he decides much of our labor and achievement is based on envy. Our motivation for the things to which we give our lives matters. If our sole purpose for work is to get what others have, we will never be finished. Solomon says you might as well try to chase and catch the wind. It won’t happen.

Solomon concludes there must be a balance between laziness and endless hard work. He says it’s better to have half as much and be content, rather than have twice as much and do meaningless work.

What about you? Why are you diligent in your job? Why do you serve at church and in the community? What motivates the way you spend your time? Pray God will reveal the truth to you now and lead you to repentance if need be.