September 15, 2018

Acts 15:36-40

Have you ever had someone you cared deeply about disagree with you or you with them? What was the outcome?

Paul and Barnabas had a long history of serving together. And yet, these partners, who had been together for many years, clashed over future direction. Spiritual maturity does not erase personality differences.

So who was right? They both were. The opinions of both Paul and Barnabas were valid and truthful. Neither was making up a story, nor did they have an agenda. Paul and Barnabas came up with a solution. Barnabas took Mark and went to Cyprus to check on the church there. Paul took Silas and they went through Syria and Cilicia to check on those churches.

The problem with conflict is we usually are more interested in showing ourselves to be right rather than fixing the conflict. Rather than making a show, causing a stir, lashing out, or complaining about what has happened to us, we need to simply and quietly try to resolve our conflicts.

Pray for those with whom you struggle. Ask God to soften both of your hearts. Pray for an opportunity to encourage them, and take the opportunity when it arises.