September 10, 2018

G I V E R S   &   T A K E R S

W E E K    F I V E  -  A L W A Y S    E N C O U R A G I N G
By Wayne Cotton

Acts 4:36-37

Encouragement is not a trait typically listed high on people’s preferred list of skills. But it defines Barnabas and through him, it becomes a thread in the tapestry of the early church.

We learn several things from this first mention of Barnabas.

  • His parents named him Joseph, but he was such an encourager he gained the nickname Barnabas, which means Son of Encouragement.
  • He was generous.
  • He sold his land and did not keep the money; instead, he gave it to the apostles to share with the other believers.

How would Paul and the early church have been different without Barnabas’ encouragement?

Think of a time when someone encouraged you. How did it make a difference in the way you looked at the situation or yourself?

Look for opportunities today to reach out and be an encourager. Your encouragement may make all the difference in someone’s life today.