October 9, 2018

Luke 22:19-20

Imagine you are celebrating someone’s birthday. You are going all out—candles, balloons, cake, punch—the works. Everyone in attendance is having a great time. Yet there is one guest having a hard time grasping all that is going on—a visitor from Mars.

It does sound far-fetched, but let your imagination picture the questions a visitor from another planet would be asking at this gathering. Why candles? What’s with the simple song?

Some of us come to the Lord’s table with the perspective of an alien from outer space. Why this bread? What’s with the little cups of juice?

A birthday party celebrates two things—we are glad you were born and we are glad you are here with us today.

This is what the Lord’s Supper does—we join together the past and the future. We remember what Jesus did for us on the cross and we look forward to his return.