October 24, 2018

Matthew 25:34-40

Caring for needs such as hunger and thirst, as well as welcoming and caring for strangers are fundamental tenants of biblical hospitality.

Today, there are a variety of ways and organizations dedicated to meeting basic needs. One organization, founded in McKinney, began because a paramedic took some medication with him on a trip to adopt his son from an African orphanage. While in the orphanage, the paramedic saw a child struggling to breathe and learned that the medication he brought could save the child’s life. After administering the drug, the child started the road to healing. Following this experience, the paramedic came home and began a non-profit that collects medical supplies and sends them overseas. The organization sees the collection and distribution of items as a way to be obedient to serve the sick.

If this man had failed to be generous with his resources or ignored the needs of those around him, the little boy probably would have died and the thousands that have been helped by the organization would still be suffering.

How could you care for the hungry, needy, and sick with the resources you have?