October 22, 2018

G I V E R S    &    T A K E R S

W E E K    E L E V E N   -   F A I L I N G
T O    B E    G E N E R O U S
By Jeffri Foster

Matthew 25:1-2, 10-13; 25:29-30, 45-46

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells three parables (earthly stories with heavenly meanings). The first story is of ten virgins waiting for the bridegroom. Five of the women were prepared for his return and five of them were not. The ill-prepared five were not allowed into the wedding banquet.

The second story describes three men who were given talents or money by their master. Two of the men multiplied their money and were considered faithful servants; the third kept the money for himself and was called evil, stripped of his possessions, and thrown out.

In the third parable, men and women—described as sheep—are separated by their willingness to meet the needs they encounter.

From these stories, we learn that 1) having a relationship with Jesus is primary, 2) we should work faithfully and be wise with what we are given, and 3) we need to use what we have to bless others. Which of these three lessons do you need to focus on today?