November 6, 2018

1 Corinthians 12:12-26

We are all designed to be part of something larger than ourselves. Our “story” started before we were born and will continue for all eternity. When all is said and done, the story of our lives will not be determined by our accomplishments or bank accounts. It will be determined by the things we attach our lives to and the connections we have made with others.

This is the foundational truth found in Paul’s description of the healthy church. We all need each other and the specific gifts the Holy Spirit has given. Our differences and a general concern for others are what should bring us together, not divide us. The question is whether each of us is using our gifts and doing so with an overall concern for the people we serve. If you feel more like you “go to” church instead of feeling like you “are part of a church,” there is a good chance you are not using your spiritual gifts and are missing out on being a part of something larger than yourself. In that case, here is the challenge for today:

  • Move beyond observer to participant.
  • Move beyond consumption to contribution.
  • Move beyond criticism to construction.
  • Move beyond association to connection.

Use your gifts to serve the body, and you will begin to find that you are truly part of something larger than yourself, which was your intended purpose from the start.