November 5, 2018

G I V E R S    &    T A K E R S

W E E K    T H I R T E E N   -   B E    G E N E R O U S
W I T H    Y O U R    G I F T S
By Troy Freeman

1 Corinthians 12:4-11

Paul’s first letter to the church in Corinth spends quite a bit of time focusing on the gifts given by the Holy Spirit to those who are followers of Christ. Today’s Scripture passage lays out the fact that the Spirit distributes the gifts and the Father empowers the people to do ministry. Paul is celebrating the divine design that all of God’s people are not uniform in the way they are created. God specially designs each gift for each believer, and then our Christian service is simply using our spiritual gift for God’s glory.

The overarching theme pertaining to these gifts is diversity in unity, not uniformity. We aren’t created the same, but this idea of diversity references a separation of something that is already joined together. The unity is found not only in the Spirit who distributes the gifts but also in the One whom we serve when exercising them—the Lord Jesus. If you are not certain of your own unique spiritual gift, ask God to reveal it to you so you might begin serving him with other believers in this unity of the Holy Spirit. You most likely will have to try serving in different ways to discover your spiritual giftedness.