November 29, 2019

Luke 2:40-47; Matthew 13:54

I have always been amazed by this picture of Jesus. To be honest, I first have to get past the fact that his parents couldn’t find him for three days. However, once I have put that behind me, I can reflect on a young boy teaching and providing guidance to a group of grown teachers in the temple. Our Wonderful Counselor was fully God and fully man. His knowledge and wisdom far exceeded the small number of years he had walked on the earth. All who found themselves near him knew he was filled with a different kind of counsel—a divine counsel.

Isaiah’s use of the name Wonderful Counselor foretold about a miracle-producing counsel that comes from our King, Jesus. He is the only One that gives inward counsel resulting in outward miracles. In his words are health and healing. We simply must be willing to follow him as our guide through life. As Paul described, we seek to understand that the mystery of God is found in our Wonderful Counselor, Jesus, “in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Colossians 2:3 NIV).