November 21, 2018

Genesis 3:1-13

The Garden rested in a rhythm of wholeness for a time. We do not know if it was days or weeks or months or years, yet for a time, all was right—the way God intended. But just as quickly as God spoke light into being, a fierce darkness broke in. The darkness took the form of a serpent. And in his crafty ways, he took the humans’ eyes off of their God and pointed them to themselves, leading them to doubt God’s goodness and provision. Brokenness made its entrance at the sound of the forbidden fruit snapping between their teeth. In an instant, sin shattered their lives like a rock hitting a windshield on a highway. One ping of disobedience caused radiating cracks to spiral outward to the far ends of earth and time. And here we are today, maneuvering life in the midst of cancer, divorce, failure, poverty, depression, war, ugliness, and death. The brokenness never stops.