November 19, 2018

It was perfect. Peace filled every space and humans lived in complete harmony and fellowship with one another and with God. The days were full of wonder and adventure, and the humans fit in the rhythm of their roles. But just as quickly as God spoke light into being, a fierce darkness broke in. Sin shattered the wholeness of God like a rock hitting a windshield on a highway. One ping of disobedience caused radiating cracks to spiral outwards to the far ends of earth and time. But God never stopped loving and rescuing. History tells the story of his fierce love and his unfathomable sacrifice. And now, as we sit on the other side of the first Christmas, we are urged to join in the pursuit. He has given us his mission—to be his hands, his feet, and his voice on this earth. We are to pursue as we have been pursued—with great love and with intense purpose.

All of these devotions were written by Mikel Porter

The Reason for the Pursuit

Genesis 2:4-14

The story of creation is one of absolute creativity emerging from the deepest love. God is powerful and able to create out of nothing, but he is intimate and close. God took dust into his hands and formed Adam, and then reached his face close to breathe the breath of air into Adam’s nostrils. The One who has the utmost power and control over his creation is the one who put his hands in the dirt to plant each tree. This creation—one of wholeness, beauty, and closeness—is God’s Will for his world.