Equipping people for significant moments in their lives



Milestones is designed to celebrate important milestones people’s spiritual life, birth through adulthood.



Milestones is a ministry of FBC Lewisville.  It is a church-wide effort to engage adults in leading their families in spiritual development as well as growth in their own lives and in the lives of their family.



Milestones is all year with emphases throughout the year to specific age groups.



Milestones takes place at many locations. It is designed to take place in your own home more than anywhere else. For families with children, it is led by parents, as they are the spiritual leaders in the home.



 It will help us achieve our  results: I commit to Jesus by growing more as  individual believers, I commit to His followers by encouraging one another and sharing our experiences along the way, and I commit to His world by becoming more like Christ as we are transformed by His great power.   


How does MILESTONES work?

As your church family, we commit to help equip and encourage you as parents to take on the role as the primary spiritual leader in your family. We have age-specific Milestones to help you, as a family, celebrate moments and have important spiritual conversations. We also have a church-wide Bible Reading Plan that is age-specific and will create opportunities for conversations in the home and church as all members walk through the same passages of Scripture. You can pick up the Scripture references in hard copy at the Information Center or online by clicking here. You can also subscribe to a daily email with the Scripture reference and accompanying question via an email to biblereadings@fbclewisville.org with "daily email" in the subject line.