May 26, 2018

Acts 12:1-2

Memorial Day Weekend is officially underway. This federal holiday was officially designated to remember soldiers who died while serving our country. In 1968, Congress voted to move this day of remembrance to the last Monday in May.

Remembering those who died in military service was already a long-established custom and practice in the United States, dating back to 1882 following the Civil War. The practice of decorating soldiers’ graves is actually an ancient custom, preceding even the life of Jesus.

Our Scripture for the day mentions the death of James, the first apostle to die for the cause of Christ. Christian sources indicate all of the original eleven apostles (not counting Judas Iscariot) all died a martyr’s death with the exception of the beloved apostle, John. And even John was persecuted (exiled) because of his outspoken life for Jesus and claiming Jesus as Lord, rather than a Roman emperor.

As you celebrate this Memorial Day Weekend, give appropriate time and thought in remembering those who died in service, not only to protect our country, but to ensure our religious freedoms as well.