May 24, 2018

Deuteronomy 6:1-7

One of the reasons God calls us to “act in remembrance” is so we will not forget all he has done on our behalf. Another reason is to teach the next generation.

When our children were young, we (Brad & Ruby Williamson) had family Bible reading and prayer time just before tucking the kids into bed each night. If you ask my “grown” children, one of their certain “favorite memories” was this family devotion time.

Over the years, we taught our children to read and understand the many stories in the Bible, to pray aloud (and in silence), and the importance of sharing each day what God is doing (or has done) in our lives. My wife and I shared family stories, favorite memories, and even our mistakes made from childhood years, all trying to help our children to know God. These family devotion activities became part of our family “remembrances” even to this day.

What do you need to say, teach, or pass on to someone who looks up to you? Give it some thought as you pray today. Your faith stories are too important to keep to yourself!