June 14, 2018

Nehemiah 10:30

The first area of commitment was to be faithful to God when it came to romantic relationships. They committed to marry within God’s people. This promise was addressed to parents because in that day, the parents made the marriage decisions for their children. If the covenant were made today, it would be toward the individuals who want to get married. It is important to carefully and prayerfully choose your spouse. It is difficult to marry someone who has given their life to serving something other than God. If one is in that situation today, God can do great things, but we shouldn’t knowingly choose to be in that situation from the beginning. Marriage is also a covenant between a man and a woman. We have something stronger than expectations, more constant than romantic love, and more certain than happy times. We are in a marriage covenant. Spend some time praying for your marriage or the marriages of your children or friends.