July 8, 2019

No Matter What . . . A Study of Philippians
Week 9 Devotions written by Dr. Stephen G. Hatfield

Philippians 4:1-3

Our Bible did not come to us with chapter and verse numbers. These were added later and I am grateful for those who did this painstaking work. On some occasions, interpreters take issue with these divisions. Philippians 4:1 is one of those occasions. To some, 4:1 fits the context of 3:21. It’s an interpretive issue. Some would rather begin chapter 4 with 4:2. So whether or not 4:1 actually serves best as the conclusion of the content of chapter 3, its truth is obvious.

Paul appeals to two women in the Philippian congregation to work together. The disagreement between these two influential leaders was serious enough to warrant mention here.

Paul models a very tactful way of handling a sensitive conflict. He exudes confidence they would be reconciled. He does not take sides, but urges others in the church to promote healing and harmony.