July 5, 2018

1 John 2:15-17

John continues to lay out the truth in black and white. He begins this passage with a simple command: we are not to love the things of this world. John knows the “world” is a complete system of beliefs and passions that sets itself in direct opposition to the things of God. Lust and pride found in the hearts of the unrepentant world push out a love for God because God and sin cannot coexist. A love for the sinful ways of this world put us in direct opposition to the things of God. John goes on to state that the things of this world pass away. If you love these things, you too will pass away. However, if we love God, we will do the will of God and live with him forever.

John is building upon the conviction that there is no gray area when it comes to our relationship with God. There is simply truth. Use this understanding today to take an inventory of your heart. Who or what is sitting on the throne of your heart—the things of this world or God himself? There is not a place for both.