July 27, 2018

1 John 4:7-10

I saw a sign in a doctor’s office that said, “Until you are a mother, you do not know love.” I agree with the sentiment. A mother’s love is fierce, compassionate, sacrificial, and more, and an understanding of that love is intensified when your child is born. However, we can know that kind of love apart from parenthood—the true love of God.

What if we had the same feelings and emotions and took action, like a parent does for a child, toward our co-workers, friends, and those who don’t know Christ? If I fiercely loved my neighbor, then I would continue to invite them to church and into my life even though they have turned me down before. If I loved my co-workers with compassion, then I would give them grace for their attitudes because I do not know what has happened in their day. If I loved sacrificially, I would meet needs even though it might make my personal spending less. Have you experienced God’s true love? To whom do you need to show God’s true love today?