July 23, 2018

B U I L D I N G     L I V E S

W E E K     N I N E
By Jeffri Foster, Associate Student Minister

1 John 3:18-22

         I have to love my friend.                                            I get to love my friend.

These sentences are similar in structure but the first indicates duty, obligation, and responsibility to love. The phrase “have to” can even suggest frustration or resentment. The second sentence suggests excitement, privilege, and a precious opportunity. It’s the kind of attitude John is encouraging his readers to have in 3:18-22. In a context where many questioned their salvation, John affirms loving with our actions and our attitude is a privilege that attests to our salvation. In your relationships with others, you GET to use your spiritual gifts. You GET to use the love language of the person you are serving, and as a result, you receive confirmation of your salvation.

Have you seen “pursue” as something you HAVE to do or something you GET to do?

Change each “have to” to a “get to,” and take opportunities today to love others with your actions.