July 2, 2018

B U I L D I N G     L I V E S

W E E K    S I X
By Troy Freeman, Associate Pastor/Music & Worship

1 John 2:7-8

John is writing this letter during a day when more false teachers had appeared on the scene, making it difficult for believers to distinguish the truth. This particular portion of John’s writing is referring to the “old” command Jesus gave to the disciples in John 13:34. The argument John makes is that the original directive from Jesus has not changed. This was a truth they had heard from the first time they ever heard the Word of God. It was important to stress, once again, the mission Jesus gave to his followers. The only new challenge is found in John’s reference to “light.” This light was first found in the love Jesus showed the world. Now, John is encouraging all who follow Jesus to shine this light wherever they go.

All of us get off track from time to time and need a moment to step back and assess our relationship with God. The command has not changed—it remains the same. Spend a few minutes today taking an inward look and see if you are loving the way Jesus loved and shining the light of Christ to all around you.