January 20, 2020

W E E K   T H R E E

Devotions written by Dr. Stephen G. Hatfield

1 Thessalonians 2:5-8

Some people are motivated by two things: greed and glory. Paul made it clear—neither of these captivated him and his companions.

He did not seek to impress them with fancy, flattering words. The apostle felt so strongly about this that he invoked “God is witness.”

Paul’s words reflect the slander and gossip his detractors spread about his work and his motivations.

1. He was a convict—he had a police record (2:2).
2. He was delusional (2:3).
3. He was immoral (2:3).
4. He was deceitful (2:3).
5. He was preaching for the money it would produce (2:5).
6. He was seeking personal glory (2:6).
7. He was nothing more than a dictator (2:7).

Most of us work in professions that encourage and fulfill us. What if your work involved dealing with just one of the issues Paul dealt with every day. Would you quit? What would give you the courage and strength to carry on?