February 17, 2019

2 Timothy 2:22-26

Running away may seem cowardly, but it really depends on the situation. Running from sin, temptation, and destructive behavior is sometimes the wisest thing a Christian can do!

Do you remember Joseph from the Old Testament book of Genesis, the one who was sold into slavery by his brothers but ended up becoming second in command of all of Egypt? Before rising to this high position, Joseph was tested in all kinds of ways. As the servant in charge of Potiphar’s house, Joseph faced the temptation of adultery due to the advances of Potiphar’s wife. Once, the only thing Joseph could do to avoid sin was to run away (see Genesis 39:12).

Paul told Timothy to flee from anything or any temptation that produces evil thoughts or behavior. Sometimes, our best course of action is to flee sin as well. We are in a constant spiritual battle because we live in a broken world, and Satan, our enemy, wants to bring us down.