February 16, 2019

2 Timothy 2:14-21

“Caution—Danger ahead!” If you saw this sign along the road while driving, it would catch your attention. You’d perk up and look to identify and avoid the dangerous situation. The Apostle Paul gave us four “caution signs” to help us avoid Satan’s traps. Did you see these warnings?

  • Warning one: Don’t quarrel! It’s of no value (2:14).
  • Warning two: Be careful with how you interpret and apply God’s Word to your own life, and towards others (2:15).
  • Warning three: Avoid any conversation that leads you—or others—away from God (2:16).
  • Warning four: Avoid those who attempt to bring ungodliness into the church through false teachings (2:17).

The Lord knows what’s in your heart and home. You may be able to hide your heart from others, but not from God. Ask Jesus where you need to clean your heart and home today. Repent from your sin and ask for his forgiveness. Ask for his cleansing. Ask for wisdom and guidance to avoid these traps.