December 4, 2019

Exodus 14

Throughout Scripture, God displays his grace to his people through acts of unbelievable power and might. He does this to form them into people of unwavering faith. Unfortunately, time and time again, his people forget all he has done in their midst. We are no different. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hearing Jada Edwards speak at the Right Now Media Conference. She used this passage to talk about what to do when you feel a little lost. She shared these four points:

1) Don’t let fear make you foolish. Remember his faithfulness (14:10-12).
2) Amidst fear of the unknown, know that God fights for us (14:13-14).
3) Amidst our fear, move forward. God knows the way (14:15-18).
4) Amidst the unknown, God protects before and behind us (14:19-20).

Our mighty God is a way-maker. He takes what is impossible to us and makes it possible through him. God has always known his people needed rescuing. One day, he sent the ultimate rescue plan coming in the unlikely form of a baby, Jesus.