December 3, 2019

Proverbs 30:4; Luke 8:23-25

I am fascinated by the weather. One of my favorite Instagrams is Lifewithweather. When a storm rolls through, I will step out on the porch to marvel at the strong wind, lightning, and heavy rain. My wife thinks I am crazy. However, when one of those lightning strikes hits a little too close for my comfort, I know it's time to go inside. My awe quickly turns to uneasiness at that moment because I know I don't stand a chance against the oncoming power of the storm. I must get to a shelter that can withstand its might. The disciples, exposed on the water, far from safe harbor when a storm came upon them, must have thought their demise was imminent. Jesus spoke to the winds and the waves. If that's not crazy enough, they obeyed him! Let that sink in for a moment. Jesus is the Mighty God who commands even the strongest storms, both the physical ones and the metaphorical ones, in our lives. He speaks, calmness follows. Where is your faith today?