December 29, 2018

Matthew 28:20

We are not alone. God has given us the responsibility and the privilege of bringing his hope—the gospel—to the world. He wants us to share with our coworkers and our schoolmates. He wants us to share with our neighbors and with the parents we sit with in the bleachers at games. He wants us to share with our mailman, with the grocery store clerk, and with the person who paints our toes. Think about your circle of influence—you are the only one who can tell your people about what Jesus has done in your life. Only you. And that task may seem daunting. It may make you apprehensive and fearful. That’s okay—those are all normal feelings. Your church has a place for you to practice. Did you know that? Your church has a process that will fully prepare and equip you for the task you’ve been given. And we even have people for you to walk with and share while you watch and learn. It’s a remarkable opportunity and one that has changed my life. It’s called the Great Commission training. Check it out. But more comforting even than this class is the truth that Jesus is always with us. He promises to guide us, to prompt us, and to be with us through the whole process. What greater gift than to have the ultimate Pursuer with us as we seek to pursue others?