December 22, 2018

Matthew 22:36-40

A few years ago while visiting a friend, my oldest (3 years old at the time) got caught in a bramble bush. She had followed a little kitty over to the edge of the yard and stepped right into the cage of thorns. When I heard her screams, I turned from my conversation and realized what was hurting my baby. As she turned back and forth trying to escape, the thorns’ grip grew tighter. I rushed over to her and attempted to get her out of the grasp of the thorns, but the only way I could get her out was to get into the thorns myself. I was able to free her little body from that nasty bush, but not without cuts and scrapes on my arms and legs. When a momma hears the cries of her babies, nothing can stop her from doing whatever it takes to relieve their pain.

This is a small picture of the pursuit and rescue our Heavenly Father puts into action. His people are in brokenness and crying out in pain. The more we try to get out on our own, the deeper the hurt cuts into our lives. He rushes over to us and enters into our brokenness and suffering in order to rescue us. He brings us out of the trap of sin and lets us rest in his arms of grace.

Love. Love is what drives someone to enter into the pain and anguish of another in order to rescue them. Christmas is love coming down into the suffering of creation. Because he has loved us, we are called to love others.