December 20, 2019

Matthew 5:9; Romans 14:19; Romans 12:18; Romans 6:10-11

Jesus didn’t stop at bringing peace to the world but empowers us to be part of the peace-bringing process. He lives in us and gives us the power to do difficult things like extend forgiveness, admit our wrongs, and choose the less-traveled path. I bring peace when I am the first to apologize. I bring peace by pursuing meaningful relationships with others. I bring peace when I speak truth even when it brings consequences. I bring peace when I choose kind words when someone else is being rude. I bring peace when I choose hope when everything seems lost. Big choices and little choices work together to bring peace to our world. When I feel tired, ill-equipped, or incapable, I am reminded the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives and moves in me. When I am filled with Peace—Jesus himself—his peace spills over and out of my life.