December 20, 2018

John 14:27; Matthew 5:9

Peace on earth!

Peace was declared and promised at the birth of Jesus; he is called the Prince of Peace. Christ has given us his Spirit and has called us to be peace-bringers in our world. Peace isn’t merely the absence of conflict, but the place where what was broken has been put back together. Peace is the sense that all will be well when everything is crumbling around us. We have been called to move into places of brokenness and help with the putting back together. We are to stand in relationships that are strained and shredded and help with the mending by extending forgiveness or asking for it where we have wronged others. We are to speak words that unite rather than words that separate. We are to rush into places of injustice and speak for the voiceless, defend the powerless, and sacrifice for those in need. Jesus brings peace to our lives and has trusted us to pass his peace around.