December 15, 2019

John 8

John chapter eight begins and ends with choosing stones to throw, and, in the middle, a discussion between Jesus and the Pharisees about his identity. The Pharisees inform Jesus that Abraham is their father, as if he needed an explanation. In seeking to explain who he is, Jesus says, “Before Abraham was, I AM.” In doing so, Jesus identifies himself as one with Father God. This didn’t sit well with the Pharisees; they bend down again to pick up stones. But this time their aim is to silence a perceived heretic, not to punish an adulterer.

The Pharisees have poor memories though. They either forgot or failed to recognize the name Abraham means “father of many nations”—plural nations, not just one Jewish nation. Legalism and narrow thinking exclude. On the other hand, grace and freedom found in Christ include. Jesus says, just because you’re Jews doesn’t mean you’re free; but on the other hand, “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

The birth of Jesus, the Everlasting Father, is the birth of freedom. Freedom is only found in a relationship with Jesus that is by grace through faith. So where are you living today? Are you bound by legalism picking up stones to throw, or are you living in freedom and giving out grace?