December 14, 2019

John 14

As Jesus prepared to go to the cross and leave the disciples he loved, he comforted them by telling them he would prepare a place for them, come back, and bring them to the place he was going. Thankfully, Phillip looked at Jesus and said, “Jesus, we have no clue where you’re going. We’ve got nothing, Jesus.” And then again Phillip begs, “Look, Jesus, just show us the Father and that will be enough.”

Jesus says because the disciples have seen him, they’ve seen the father. They are one. Then Jesus tells his disciples the ultimate comfort—the Holy Spirit, the Comforter is coming. Through the Comforter they would know oneness with him. 14:20 says the disciples will realize oneness on that day. Jesus goes on to describe what oneness lived out will look like.

Jesus says oneness is obedience to his commands. Jesus says evidence of oneness is his character revealed in us. Jesus says oneness means believers will speak what they hear Jesus say, act only in Jesus’ authority asking anything in his name. The result of oneness is doing what Jesus does and even greater things.

Based on Jesus' definition of what it means to be one with him, are you? Are you obedient? Is the Jesus in you showing to others? Are you acting in Jesus’ authority, doing what he did, and more? If not, take time to repent. Commit yourself to greater oneness with Christ today.