December 11, 2019

Isaiah 9:6-7

One of the precious relationships I have this side of eternity is the one I share with my dad. He is one of the first people I call in victory and in crisis. Even the thought of someday living in a world without him strikes pain at my core. How comforting it is, then, to know Jesus is the Everlasting Father. Regardless of if our earthly fathers are living or not, we don’t have to live as orphans devoid of a father’s love.

The titles given to Jesus in Isaiah 9 are not personal Old Testament names; they consist of two descriptors—who and what kind of Messiah God would send. One title listed here is Eternal Father. Jesus fulfills this prophetic title in that he loves, provides for, and forgives us with father and mother love. Isaiah further describes Jesus as an Everlasting Father. Jesus will establish and uphold a new kingdom in which he is the King of kings and fulfill God’s promise to David and his family forever. The peace of those in Jesus’ kingdom will be endless.

How does knowing Jesus as Eternal Father impact you today? Are you living as an orphan, longing for a father’s love? Realize and rest in the love of your Eternal Father.