August 9, 2018

1 John 5:13-17

Does prayer make you nervous? Do you wonder how best to pray?

As a Christ-follower, we enter into a relationship with God. It is because of this relationship we can be engaged with him through prayer. The temptation for us is to view prayer as a formula, i.e. “if you ask, you shall receive.”

When we are not seeking God’s will in prayer, we are trying to use him to get what WE want. Biblical prayer is not trying to talk God into giving us what we want. Rather, it is submitting our will to his will.

When our will becomes transformed to his will, we will have the confidence to come before him, humbling ourselves in his presence. If you have not come before God in prayer like this, you have not enjoyed the fullness of God’s gift of prayer. Spend time in prayer today asking for your will to be transformed to his will.