August 8, 2018

1 John 5:10-12

Have you ever struggled with something? Have you ever questioned if your relationship with God is real?

We all go through struggles. In some of those struggles, we find ourselves at a place of doubt. John encourages us with three simple reminders of the truth when we struggle with a lack assurance of who we are in Christ.

1. “God has given us eternal life." Eternal life is not some kind of life insurance policy issued at conversion that can be presented upon arrival at the pearly gates. It is a living, real-time relationship.

2. "This life is in his Son." Eternal life cannot be separated from the Son. It resides in him, not in doctrine or in a church. Eternal life is intertwined in the faith relationship between you and Jesus Christ.

3. "He who has the Son has life." To "have" the Son means to enjoy a living, personal relationship with him, to be able to reach him in prayer, to share his blessings, to receive his forgiveness, to experience his eternal grace. Conversely, “not having" the Son of God means you don't have eternal life and are missing out on all his blessings.

The purpose of John's statement is to give us the assurance our eternity is secure in him. Thank God for his assurance that he is constant, even when we doubt.