August 17, 2019

2 Corinthians 4:1-12

Church life is serious business. Consider the commitments we are called to make in light of today’s passage.

Don’t grow weary and lose heart in your work. “Losing heart” may involve physical exhaustion and emotional discouragement. It can also refer to growing lazy in your work.

Acknowledge the reality of satanic opposition. Our battle is a spiritual one. Satan plots the downfall of every person—you included. People reject the gospel due to spiritual blindness and deafness. Guess who plays a major role in blinding people to the truth?

Tell the story of Jesus, not the story of you. One’s personal testimony is crucial in persuading people to believe in Christ. Don’t use your story as a springboard to draw attention to yourself or to enlist a following. No tricks or spiritual sleight of hand is necessary. Preach Jesus, then get out of the way as God does the rest. Paul said: “For we do not preach ourselves but Christ Jesus as Lord, and ourselves as your bondservants for Jesus’ sake” (4:5).

Count your blessings, including the blessing of suffering. This is a tough truth to grasp, much less accept. Paul viewed his suffering as a badge of honor. So should we.

View your suffering for Jesus as the sufferings of Jesus. When we suffer, we point people to Jesus. Our connection to the sufferings of Christ will draw people to the cross.