April 3, 2019

Jude 4, 8-10, 16-19

Today’s readings spell out distinct characteristics of those who had entered the church to bring harm rather than good. Jude is very specific about these inappropriate behaviors. Eventual destruction and ruin are waiting for those who fall into these behaviors:

  • Changing God’s grace into a license for immorality
  • Denying the deity of Jesus Christ
  • Degrading the human body
  • Rejecting authority
  • Slandering celestial beings
  • Degenerating into brute, unreasoning animals
  • Fault-finding
  • Flattering others for their own advantage
  • Scoffing and following their own evil desires

Take some time today to examine your own life. Do you find yourself falling into any of these ruts? If so, ask for forgiveness and begin moving in the right direction. Also, do you notice these behaviors in any Christ-followers around you? Maybe they need to hear a message of warning similar to Jude’s letter.