April 22, 2019


Devotions written by Dr. Stephen G. Hatfield

Easter’s Over: Now What?

We have just experienced the weeks leading up to the cross and the empty tomb. Some folks give attention to spiritual things only on Christmas and Easter. Indeed, these are significant times to focus on our relationship with God.

But what about the days after Easter? Do we coast along waiting for the next spiritual mountaintop? Does Easter teach us anything about what we should do next? Consider the events that took place right after that Sunday morning when Jesus rose from the dead.

John 20:19-29

Jesus stepped out of the tomb in the early morning on that Sunday—the first day of a new week. That same evening, he appeared to his disciples. Thomas, one of the twelve, wasn’t present when Jesus made this evening visit. He made it clear he did not believe their account. He demanded verifiable evidence before he would even consider the possibility Jesus had risen from the dead.

As it was for Thomas, so it is with many of us. We refuse to trust God. If post-Easter days teach us anything, it’s the importance of believing in Jesus and his victory over sin and death.