Opportunities To Serve And Connect

God always meant for us to live this life in community—sharing and caring for one another. Perhaps these days of slower, unplanned home time provides opportunities for us to bond with our families, neighbors, and friends in new and unexpected ways.

FEEDING CHILDREN IN OUR AREA WHO DEPEND UPON SCHOOL LUNCHES—Love Pacs is an organization that provides meals for kids who depend upon school breakfasts and lunches. They have a well-oiled machine, they know how/where to distribute, and they are a reputable organization. You can purchase foods from their list of needs and drop in at a drop off location (a porch around town), you can have it shipped, or you can make a monetary donation for them to use to meet needs. Here’s a link with all the details: www.lovepacs.org/lewisville.

REACHING OUT TO OTHERS—Do you know a senior adult, a single adult, or a couple in our church, your neighborhood, or a friend who may be extra lonely during this time? Reach out via phone calls or FaceTime. Film your kids playing the piano, singing, dancing, or doing magic tricks, and email it. How can you provide social interaction and care to those around you?

ACTIVITIES THAT SERVE NEIGHBORS OR THOSE IN NEED—Make a craft or homemade cards and deliver it to a neighbor or someone you know who might need a bright spot. This provides an activity for you/your crew and serves those around you.

CHILDCARE—There are some parents in our area who have to go and work shifts to get paid.They don’t have a choice. If school is shut down longer than spring break, some of them may need help with childcare. Could you watch some kids for a shift to help them out?

ERRANDS FOR ELDERLY—Our church has folks who aren’t able to get out and get what they need. Could you run to the store for someone else? Could you use your Amazon Fresh membership to order groceries for them and have them delivered? Do you have any neighbors who might need to stay in more—could you help get what they need? Spend today reaching out to those you know and offer your services if they have needs.

ENCOURAGE A MOM/DAD—Perhaps you’re an empty nester or your kids are older—are there some parents around you, perhaps even single parents, who are home with a clan of kids? Can you reach out and encourage them during these days? Drop some paper and markers or some popsicles on their porch to brighten their day? Say a prayer for them and tell them you are doing so.

FOCUS ON YOUR PEOPLE AND YOUR GOD—Look at God’s Word and talk about it together (check out our Daily Bible Readings for a launching point). Play games together. Go on walks. Spend time one on one talking about important things (goals, favorite things, fears). Tell them how you love them and your favorite things about them. Spend more time praying. Sit in silence. Sit outside and listen to the birds. Let God fill you up, slow you down, and use you for his purposes. (If you live alone, initiate these conversations over the phone with those you love.)

CONNECT WITH YOUR SPOUSE—Spend quality time together having quality conversations. Pray together. Use this time to play some games, watch shows you both enjoy, connect in a new way.

SHARE ALL THE THINGS—Get friends together in a group text. Is someone in need of toilet paper? Eggs? Who has some to spare? Can we share? Can we message one another if we see a store has restocked the item? Can we pick it up for them and drop it on their porch? The early church shared supplies and food on the regular. It’s a beautiful thing. No one has to go without when we are all openhanded.

We can all walk away from this as more clear-minded individuals, more connected families, and a stronger society as a whole.

God is big.
God is here.
God can/will use this to change us for the better.

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