Hymns are a great part of our Christian heritage and are so rich in scriptural truths.  We want to do all we can to encourage our children to memorize hymns, learn about the hymns’ origins, and apply the messages each hymn holds to their lives.

 Each child, grades 1 through 5, who memorizes all of his/her hymns this year will be given a certificate at the end of the year and will be invited to attend a very special FREE event the third Sunday in May that will be SERIOUSLY FUN!

All fifth graders who have memorized all of their hymns from grades 1 through 5, will be awarded a personalized hymnal and will be recognized at our Worship Experience at the end of the year.

Listening CD's and memorization hymn books are given to each student to take home for practice and are available at the check-in station every Sunday. So if our child misplaces their CD or booklet, they can pick-up another one!

WiRED4Hymn List for 2018-2019