What to Expect

Visitors' FAQs

Visiting a church for the first time can sometimes be a very stressful event—mainly because there is the “unknown”. We have answered some of the most Frequently Asked Questions of first time guests to help shed light on the “unknown”. We look forward to meeting you.

1. When are the services and Bible Study? How long do they last?

2. What is the worship service like?

3. How do I get there?

4. What about my children? Is there a safe and fun place for them?

5. What kind of people will be there?

6. Where do I go when I arrive?

7. Do I need to bring anything?

8. Can I remain anonymous?

9. What should I wear? How should I dress? 


When are the services and Bible Study? How long do they last?

We have three Bible Study hours at 8am9:30am and 11am. Each of these lasts one hour and ten minutes. There are class options for adults at each hour. For children and students, check on the Bible Study page for class specifics. We have two worship services, one at 9:30am and one at 11:00am. These services last approximately one hour and ten minutes.


What is the worship service like?

First Baptist offers two types of worship services.

9:30 Worship with choir and orchestra and sermon from our pastor



11:00 A more casual, band driven service with teaching from our pastor



How do I get there?

Click here for directions and a map 


What about my children? Is there a safe and fun place for them?

Newborns through college age all have great Bible Study options. We have wonderful ministries for preschoolers, children, and students where they will study Biblical truths while interacting with others their age and creating meaningful relationships. Each class is led by adults trained to teach with all the care and concern your child needs. 


What kind of people will be there?

We are a pretty ordinary group of people. We reflect much of the north Texas suburban life. If you live in the area, you will see children who attend school with your children, people who work in Dallas and people who work locally. There are families, senior adults, single adults and lots of children and students.


Where do I go when I arrive?

Head for the big steeple—our main entrance is located under the larger of two steeples on the west end of our property. There is guest parking outside that entrance and once you enter the doors, you will be greeted by any number of people who are all willing to help you find a Bible Study or place in the Worship Center (deacons, ushers, and greeters all wear name tags that identify them). For more detailed information, just inside the main doors is a Welcome Center that is staffed with knowledgeable and helpful people.


We also have coffee available for you. Come by the Welcome Center and let us know you are a first-time guest and we will give you a coupon for a free Starbuckstm drink at our coffee bar located in the Fellowship Center atrium (see campus map for location).


Do I need to bring anything?

No. If you want to bring a Bible, feel free to do so. We do provide Bibles, and we also project songs and scripture verses on overhead screens in the Worship Center.


Can I remain anonymous?

Absolutely! We realize many people want to check out our church without calling attention to themselves. However, you may want to fill out a guest registration card. If you do, you will either receive a call from a staff minister and a bag of information and goodies dropped off at your home (not an in-home visit). If you trust us with this information, we will prove trust-worthy and only use it in appropriate ways.


What Do I Wear? 

Come casual or dress up, whichever you prefer. People wear anything from shorts and jeans to dresses and sport coats. In the summer months in Texas, we all dress comfortably; the ministry staff does not wear ties and suits and the choir members do not wear robes over their clothes. At 11:00, casual-wear is year-round.

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