Growing in Christ: weekly studies



FWM Small Group Studies Fall 2017

Sunday evenings 

A Study on 2 Corinthians

As new creations in Christ, we are to spread the message of Jesus' grace, comfort and generosity with the world. In the way we live, we must boldly declare: He makes all things new.

Facilitator: Alison Peterman
Dates: September 10-November 5
Time:  5-6:30pm
Room: 103
Cost: $15 (Checks made payable to FBCL)
Childcare is available.

Tuesday evenings

Steve McVey, a former pastor and currently the president of Grace Walk Ministries, shares foundational biblical truths and practical application on what it means to "walk in grace." This includes our true identity in Christ, our freedom in Christ, and the abundant life he's given to us.

Facilitator: Sandy MacMillan
Dates: September 12-October 31
Time:  7-9pm
Room: 241
Cost: $15 (Checks made payable to FBCL)               


A verse-by-verse study of Psalm 107

Learn to face each season of life with courage and trust in the Lord. Witness how God delights in setting you free, changing darkness into light, and bringing the dead to life. Discover how tests in your journey of faith reveal the true condition of your heart.

Facilitator: Ginger Murphree and Donna Young
Dates: September 12-October 24
Time:  7-9pm
Room: 102
Cost: $15 (Checks made payable to FBCL)      

Wednesday mornings (opposite weeks from Moms inc.)

A Chronological and Comprehensive Study 
of the Twelve Minor Prophets

Be honest. When did you last read the book of Obadiah? or Nahum? Join us as we study the twelve books of the Minor Prophets of the Bible. In this study, we will hear the voice of God speaking to us in a fresh way as individuals and as a spiritual fellowship in the Church.

Facilitator: Sandy Tandberg and Jilian Brown
Dates: September 12-May 9
Time:  10-11:30am
Room: Fellowship Center
Cost: $15 (Checks made payable to FBCL)  
Childcare: Email Susan to reserve childcare by September 3.